Xbox One Disc Drive Not Taking Disc

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Try your disc again. Xbox one will not accept discs.

Xbox One Not Reading Disc We Can Fix It Quickly And Accurately Tronicsfix Llc

Jun 09 2020 If your machine isnt recognising a disc when youve inserted one or youre experiencing issues during playbackfreezes during your game the first thing to do is to check the disc itself.

Xbox one disc drive not taking disc. Your Xboxs laser or disc drive has likely just worn out. Press the Xbox button to open the guide. This is a breakdown of the xbox one disc drive.

This always works for me and itll keep you from having to buy a new drive for youre Xbox. Its a weak spot on Xbox Ones. I give super detailed instructions so if you need help getting one of these open.

Jul 31 2019. Today you get to see me rip apart an Xbox One Slim to check the disc drive. Try playing the disc on another Xbox console Playing the disc on another console will help you figure out whether the problem is with the individual disc or the consoles disc drive.

Microsoft has not. Videos you watch may be added to the TVs watch history and influence TV recommendations. If your Xbox One console wont read any disc that you insert its possible that the problem may not be the discs themselves but the disc reader.

Try the disc on a friends console or at a retail location that can test a disc. If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device. Once the console has.

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Select Power mode and then select Energy-saving. If its scratch- and fingerprint-free the problem could lie with your consoles disc drive. It started out as once in a while.

If this doesnt work then replacing the drive is probably your best bet. I found that if you have this problem just do the manual eject even if theres no disc in then try to put your disc in. By holding down the Xbox button on the console for 10 seconds.

Apr 24 2020 Consoles disc drive is defective. To fix you would likely need to just replace the laser but sometimes the entire drive needs to be replace. For all those whos consoles are giving you that we cannot read this disc.

Xbox One disc drive repairWe fix an Xbox One that wont read a game disc. Nov 28 2017 Im not familiar with Xbox One disc hardware but the 360 had a pretty basic SATA drive that was hot-swappable but you needed the serial key from the original drive in order to replace them else it would ban the user from using his. Error message this is what I did to fix mine.

Perform a hard power cycle. Nov 11 2020 Early Xbox Series X adopters are reporting issues with their disk drives which are abnormally loud sometimes click and whirr if they accept the game at all. We can fix yours.

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