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You can buy this game and others at g2a. With the announcement of the next wow expansion battle for azeroth a lot of players find themselves looking for stronger guilds or following their friends to other realms along with that arises the question of how to transfer wow gold between servers.

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You can purchase a character transfer in the world of warcraft in game shop.

Wow how to send money cross faction. You ll loose out the money on deposit but it should work. Have your nightborne character post something on the ah that s worthless for about 4000 gold. Go on and find that auction on your toon that is sending the money and buy it.

Your nightborne will get the gold from your ally toon through the ah. Log onto your alliance character and buy that item. Buy something on the alliance horde side that is about the price you wish to transfer.

Then have a friend buy the item. Transfer a character over with the gold on them. Make sure it is an auction able item that sells for at least what you paid for it in the faction auction house you are transferring to.

The character transfer is a paid service. Place a junk item on sale for a ridiculous amount of money on the toon you want to receive the money. Despite the gold limit for character transfers being increased to 250 000 a lot of players have way more than that and aren t willing.

If you are looking for information about free migrations please check the free character migration eligibility and limitations article.

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