Vpn Can Ping But Not Access

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Via AnyConnect VPN software I can connect authenticate and see internal network just as I should. Check AD account ok security messages in event logs.

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Hello The VPN client connects and authenticates against the active Directory correctly but then is unable to access any IP of the local network or the local IP of the MX64.

Vpn can ping but not access. I cant see windows workstations by its name only using IP. Can ping server by name and IP. I can ping google but I cannot browse the internet while connected to the VPN.

Just recently none of the users that VPN into the sonicwall are able to access any network shares I cannot access any network ahares or RDP to any PCs. If the remote PC allows ping. The local network has the range 19216810 24 and the VPN network is in the range 1921686024.

First ping requests might be blocked by the PCs firewall by default and that might be the reason why we couldnt get ping replies. I have setup an AnyConnect Profile VPN Pool split tunneling etc. Nbtstat -A serverIP – if fail check 135139445 TCP and 137139 UDP open.

Cannot access shares located on server. This used to work but now Im not sure what I did to make it not work. VPN SSTP windows client can not ping or connect to VPN server but it can talk to every other PC on the local LAN that VPN server is on 2 Strongswan VPN successfull but cannot ping anything.

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If ports are open perhaps cant access it is really a security thing. Thanks config below as well. How to solve it.

Added server to hosts file. Client VPN dont ping any local IP. Chainforward actionaccept in-interfacepptp-UserName out-interface.

I have an ASA 5508 with ver 95. I confirmed that the client VPN on the MX90 is included in the VPN. I rebooted the main server and the router and still no difference.

The firewalls can ping each other. Nbtstat -a servername – if fail check DNSWINS is ok. When the VPN shows online but you cannot access the host on the remote network heres are some troubleshooting tips.

I am pulling DNS from the ASA. Is it posible to solve it. Cannot connect to Exchange.

This seems to work fine for everyone else in the company. Its just one users laptop that has this problem when trying to connect externally. To see workstations of LAN I had to add the rule to firewall.

Can RDP to server. PortQueryUI can be used to check ports also. Im throwing in the white flag.

But also now I cant ping the vpn client. The 192168101 network is what I am trying to access through the vpn. It was working yesterday but not today.

I cannot ping any IP or FQDN or any device on the network. On the remote MXs I looked at the remote VPN participants and confirmed that the client VPN subnet was listed as a participant. If I am connected to the network directly then I can ping the hostname just fine but not when Im connected through the vpn.

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The site to site VPN was not changed it is set up with the MX90 as the hub and all other sites as spokes. Solved by deactivating firewall on client workstation 2. Do I need to add a command or enable something.

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