Starsector How To Make Money

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Starsector How To Make Money

Then start pirate bounty hunting when you have a fleet that can take them on. Making money in 0 71a last time i played ss it was in version 0 65 with ss and all the faction mods installed including exelrin or w e the name of the mod is.

Character Builds

Wait for about a month make a note of the system the pirate base is in and go do some more grinding.

Starsector how to make money. Sell it to the now starving pirates for a massive mark up. Is there any viable way to make money through combat. Then salvage the left overs.

Finding where you have to deliver the goods is just one part. I just started a new character where i can be a pirate and fuck with everyone but it seems like outside of bounties making money sucks. Factions also put up procurement missions where they ll ask for a specific amount of a resource and will pay around 3x the normal price with no tariffs you will also find transport missions in bars which is relatively safe money.

You ll get the bounty and commission for killing hostile factions. Making money as a bounty hunter or through combat in general. Factions regularly put bounties up for specific fleets and bases and sometimes on all enemies in one of their systems which will make fighting a lot more profitable.

I built a 600 meter human cannon that ends all existence satisfactory duration. Starsector how to make money alienate your friends. Everything was smooth i was able to make money and get to late game.

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Easy money is just finding pirate activity or a raid and pick fights with targets you can deal with or aid in already existing fights. Buy all the food organics drugs and organs you can get. In this video i am talking about delivery missions or contracts and how to make money with them.

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