Prison Architect How To Earn Money

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Prison Architect How To Earn Money

Just don t put any carpenter tables in there at first or the wood will all get put in them. Use a holding cell initially.

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For everyone just starting to play prison architect a 26 if you don t have a workshop or enough space for every.

Prison architect how to earn money. They are not requirements but will keep your prisoners much more happy early on. The export of logs should net you good profit to lay out your prison while you wait till about day 5 by then your forest tabs will be turning over. Keep your prison peaceful if you can that days without incident payout can also help.

First you need an accountant and to have researched bank loans. You would make more money doing that with a small workshop that turns the logs into planks which then get sold for more. Since once you have a work shop workers will bring logs there.

Food you probably save around 2 4k on food by making your canteens and kitchens smaller. This means you can buy back your shares for less money after which you can repay the bank loan. Build workshops one workshop can make you 10k a day comfortably.

Make a export zone and some forestry tabs all the while you are sending your workers to dismatle trees around your area. And netting you solid income. Holding cells are much cheaper than individual cells and can allow you to raise your prisoner numbers and therefore daily income quickly.

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Build a small admin office. As for money hiring an accountant will show you your daily budget as long as you have a decent amount of prisoners and the budget is above zero you will make money. Don t build the work shop till you are ready to manually sell your logs.

Nov 10 2014 4 27am i think the big plates are cut down to make a stack of license plates worth 10 bucks each. So building a workshop is a very valuable goal as it allows your prisoners to make liscence plates and will quickly become your primary moneymaker. You could do as raigarak suggested and cut down a load of trees.

Go through the grants program it not only provides some big boosts to your income it also guides you through the fundementals of building a prison. Put beds tvs and phones in the holding cell. Please fix it showing 1 8 of 8 comments.

Before update x i could make money on the plates aswell. However spending money to expand your prison will quickly offset the income. Don t make all your prisoners eat at the same time 8 tables cooks is plenty for 200 prisoners.

Once you have a basic prison running there is a good way to raise money. Start a parole program as soon as you can the early release bonuses can be substantial. Then sell all your shares and take a large bank loan which greatly decreases the prison value.

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