Mount And Blade Warband How To Make Money From Castles

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Mount And Blade Warband How To Make Money From Castles

Jun 24 2015 5 38pm. Castles and towns partly depend on the villages beloging to their territory.

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If you re part of a faction you can have one awarded to you by a vote of the realm s nobles.

Mount and blade warband how to make money from castles. The best way to make money is to start the game and go slowly towards success build your army to what your fund manages then buy a enterprise from a town grow your army more and buy another enterprise even at 100ish troops if you own all the enterprises youll have enough income to support a castle. Make sure the villages are not plundered no village travellers are harrased bandits or war parties and for towns also that the caravans are not raided. Build prosperity in the village and build as many upgrades as you can in both.

I am recieving a very small amount of taxes and sometimes no taxes. The fiefs that in my experience give the most rent are cities like wercheg suno etc and oddly enough well maintained villages talk to the village elder and help him with quests to boost the local ecconomy with the caveat that you lose all rents from villages that get pillaged or whose castle town gets taken over. I am with the kingdom of rhodocs and have 3 castles and 2 towns.

The manage option will be available in all settlement types. In towns and castles all you get are messenger post and prison tower in a village you ll get manor guard tower mill school. My castles hold over 100 troops each but the villages that surround my castles are constantly being raided.

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Top voted answer each castle is connected to one village you gain fiefdom over the village when you claim the castle. In general income depends on how well the village town or castle is doing. My king has not been smart lately and raged war with the entire map or did something to cause the entire map to go agasint the kingdom.

Available at any of the main towns and cities being the last man or woman standing after its furious melee has concluded not. How to level up faster in the arena. There are two methods for getting your first castle in mount blade ii.

As a vassel you primarily earn money via rents from fiefs each week. How to get your own castle.

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