How To Transfer Money Using Aib Card Reader

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How To Transfer Money Using Aib Card Reader

Click on pay transfer. The aib card reader a small calculator esque device generates codes using the customer s debit card to allow for a variety of transactions most commonly the transfer of money.

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Select pay transfer from the top of the screen select to another uk account and follow the on screen instructions to complete the payment you will need the sort code and account number of the person you wish to pay please note.

How to transfer money using aib card reader. Follow the instructions on screen to complete your request. Sepa domestic credit transfer means we can transfer money on the instruction of the customer from the customer s account to another account within ireland including us. It s handy to note that the aib card reader is a shareable device.

100yen will be entered to your aib card reader as 100 00. Follow the instructions to complete your request. How do i transfer money.

When you insert your aib debit card into the aib card reader you will be requested to select a particular function and to enter your pin number. Select pay transfer. You ll need to have the following information for the receiving account to complete your request.

To make a payment for the first time you will need your card reader to hand. Between my accounts allows you to transfer funds between your aib roi euro accounts. Click on international payment.

Log in to aib tablet banking. You should enter the payment amount including decimals when requested on your aib card reader. Select the option to suit your request to transfer money to one of your other aib accounts click on between my.

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Please note if you are making a payment using japanese yen jpy you will need to enter the payment amount including the decimal place 00 on your aib card reader. You will need your aib card reader. The name and address of the person to whom you are transferring the funds.

Simply follow the on screen instructions for the service you are using to complete your transaction. Log in to aib internet banking. Different types of domestic credit transfer you can make via electronic channels.