How To Tell If A Deep Cycle Battery Is Bad

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How To Tell If A Deep Cycle Battery Is Bad

Desert season is here and it is time to check your deep cycle batteries for water and ability to hold a charge. These can be purchased at an auto parts store for between 5 and 20.

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The reason an open cell looks okay in no-load testing your Optima is heat.

How to tell if a deep cycle battery is bad. This is usually one of two things. Inspect recharge remove surface charge measure the state-of-charge load test and recharge. The most accurate test of a deep cycle battery will require an inspection of the batterys fluid condition and voltage after charging service is completed.

Start inspecting the housing and look for cracks signs of leakage and discolorations. Apr 03 2019 Deep cycle batteries on the other hand produce a smaller amount of energy but are able to do so for a very long period of time. If there is any damage to the battery case or terminals the battery should be replaced.

Its easy to do this and youll only need a few inexpensive multipurpose tools – a hydrometer and DC voltage meter You can find them at your local auto parts or battery retail store. A dead cell means that the connection between one of the cells on the inside has been broken. A warm battery can expand inside and things that should touch dont touch anymore.

A healthy battery will only drop in the voltage by about2 to4 volts. To make sure that your deep cycle battery is charged fully you need to use a hydrometer to determine the specific gravity. Regardless of whether youre checking the batteries in a golf cart or a floor scrubber safely disconnect the power and open up the battery compartment.

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Thats not to say that deep cycle batteries cannot be used as starting batteries they can. A battery can also fail The most common defect is a dead cell. Jan 12 2021 If you take a reading and find the voltage to be less than 11V chances are your battery is in very bad state and can hardly retain any charge at all.

Mar 21 2019 If the voltage doesnt hold at 95-105 volts for 30 seconds it means your battery is toast. Using a cranking battery in place of a deep cycle version causes the plates to buckle and the unit to fail. If you have a non-sealed battery it is highly recommended that you use a good quality temperature compensated hydrometer.

If your battery has a dead cell it will not register any higher than 105 volts. If you see any physical damage to the battery case or the terminals then youll need to replace the battery. When a deep cycle battery is fully discharged dead flat it should reveal a reading of approximately 105V.

More than this indicates a. The load tester hooks to the terminals of the battery and displays the voltage. Jun 01 2020 There is an important structural difference in that deep cycle batteries need thicker plates.

It shouldnt be difficult to perform an inspection regardless of what kind of gear youre working with. Hopefully you have been keeping your batterie. Learn the importance of measuring the state of charge of deep-cycle batteries by evaluating open circuit voltage and calculating specific gravity of deep-cyc.

In testing a deep cycle battery. Thicker plates also stop the build up of corrosion that can occur during the charging and discharging process. With Lifeline batteries a dead cell.

Part of this maintenance is the testing of deep cycle batteries to see if they are in need of replacement. By pressing a button on the tester a resistor is brought into the circuit and puts a load on the battery. To determine if a deep cycle battery is bad you have to kick out the process with a physical inspection starting with its exterior.

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If your test shows that this voltage is below 10V this typically means that the battery has been left in storage for too long without a charge or left with a load running on it that doesnt have an automatic cut-off. Damage on its casing or any other exposed component can lead to several issues that make its performance erratic. However an oversized battery would likely be required due to its low cranking current.

Step 1 Do a visual inspection of the battery. A hydrometer is a. The most precise method is load testing and measurement of battery voltage and specific gravity.

The nomenclature of deep cycle batteries comes from the fact that they are designed to be discharged as fully as possible each time they are used a deep-cycle of the battery. In such cases trying to revive the battery is pretty pointless and you should just get a new battery. Performing A Basic Deep Cycle Battery Inspection.

To check the charge level of your deep cycle battery you can apply some different ways. Only a small part of the battery is discharged as a result.

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