How To Stop Payment On A Moneygram Money Order

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How To Stop Payment On A Moneygram Money Order

The other kind is the bank money order. As noted above if you have the original uncashed money order and it isn t filled out you can fill it out to yourself and cash it.

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Tracking a moneygram money order is a bit easier.

How to stop payment on a moneygram money order. A bank money order is signed by thebank and is therefore a direct bank obligation. Otherwise you ll need to visit the issuing bank or credit union bringing your receipt and any other proof of purchase if available and ask a teller to issue a stop payment for the money order. 1 2 to do so either fill out a form or take the money order back to the place you originally bought it.

If the money. Bring identification and any information you have about the money order to start the process. We ll let you know if your money order is eligible for a replacement when you check the status.

The system should then tell you whether the item has been cashed or not. Get your money order replacement. A personal money order is the equivalent of a one shot checking account and a bank can allow acustomer to place a stop payment on it.

Contact the financial institution that issued the money order and fill out any required paperwork. Check your money order status. Call moneygram s automated response line at 1 800 542 3590 or use moneygram s online tracking system.

If you have pertinent information like the money order serial number the amount and the payee and the money order hasn t been cashed yet a moneygram representative may be able to issue a stop payment. You can place a stop payment on a money order in much the same way as you would stop payment on a personal check. If you already sent the money order but the recipient has not cashed it and you have the receipt stub you can request a cancellation and refund with the money order claim card.

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Personal money orders are money orders that bear the customer s signature. How to replace a money order. If you purchased the money order at a united states post office you must fill out a form at your local post office to start the stop payment and replacement process.

Call moneygram s customer service at 1 800 542 3590 to request a stop payment for your moneygram. If the money order was lost stolen or destroyed or otherwise remains uncashed it is possible to stop payment on it. With most money order issuers including usps western union and moneygram you can cancel the payment.

Submit a replacement request. You ll need to provide your money order number and the exact dollar amount. Typically you need to contact the merchant where you bought it either in person or online fill out a claim form identifying both yourself and the money order and pay a processing fee.

If you still have your moneygram money order and stub in your possession you can take it to a local moneygram agent where an associate can help you cancel it in person and begin the refund process.

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