How To Spot Counterfeit Money 2017

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Secret service field office in your region. Look for the watermark in the open space of each note higher than 1.

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The 22news i team shows us how you can tell real money from counterfeit money so you don t end up with it.

How to spot counterfeit money 2017. The serial number should correspond to the series. Going back to 1996 all bills of 5 or more have this security feature. One of the first things to check to see if a bill is authentic is if the bill denomination on the bottom right hand corner has color shifting ink.

Small business owners need to be aware of the many ways to detect counterfeit money. Check the bill denomination on the bottom right hand. Currency to make sure your bills are real.

Look at the serial numbers. Judging by sight 1. How to spot counterfeit money business owners should train their employees to examine all bills they receive 10 and higher.

By jillian ilao on august 1 2017 it s possible to tell if someone has given you counterfeit money by looking at the physical characteristics of the bill such as ink colors and text or by running the bill under a special scanner or lamp designed to detect counterfeit currency. How to check if a 100 dollar bill is real. Fake bills tend to have a relative flatness and lack of detail.

Look at the borders. Here is a list of eight ways to tell if a bill is real or counterfeit. Look at the.

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The new 100 uses raised printing on ben franklin s shoulder. Here are some things to check for on u s. The outside border of real money should be clear and unbroken according to secret service.

Store the suspect counterfeit apart from genuine currency and release it as soon as possible to law enforcement authorities. There s a watermark in genuine currency that s easily visible on the right side of each note which is very difficult to. If you think you have received fake money report it.

The serial number appears in the upper left and lower right corners. If they believe they are being given counterfeit money they should call the police. If you live outside the united states and want to report counterfeit currency you should notify the u s.

Inspect the printing quality.

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