How To Spend Offshore Money In Payday 2

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How To Spend Offshore Money In Payday 2

Quite a few people found the offshore casino to be a waste of time its really for all the veterans of the game to dump their huge offshore bank balances. Since the weapon mods are free.

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When i went to my safehouse i saw i had over 3 6 million right.

How to spend offshore money in payday 2. I think its fine because the only other thing you spend money on is masks and new weapons. Masks materials patterns on the offshore payday it has gotten to the point where i take a long time to infamy because i spend so much money on those. A bunch of my masks are from using the offshore money.

I think you only pay like 1 000 to attach them. The creatures outside looked from pig to man and from man to pig and from pig to man again. Buy contracts those stupid cards etc some stuff idk i currently have 1 891 360 000 000 just dunno what to spend it on because the card thingy is kinda.

Money earned to the offshore account. You can t actually buy masks with the offshore money but you can got bet it on cards and specify you are wanting a mask. Posted on 28 august 13 at 13 20.

But already it was impossible to say which was which. Sometimes you can also use this to buy instant paydays to earn masks mods etc. This money can be used to buy contracts and advance infamy when you reach level 100.

Earned money that you can spend. Offshore money is only really worth buying heists and the offshore gambling casino if you feel like you have too much in your bank account. So i can t spend my offshore money.

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Yeah but those things cost a s ton of money and you get next to no money for doing the jobs. Buy payday 2 cloaker soundboard and payday 2 how to spend offshore money payday 2 cloaker soundboard and payday 2 how to spend offshore money reviews. This is 80 of the total cash 2.

Basically offshore account is a way for the game to pretend like it s paying you untold millions while only paying you a fifth of that number for actually useful things like guns and mods. Level 2 original poster 1 point 3 years ago. At least that s what i remember from the beta on pc.

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