How To Scare Someone Who Owes You Money

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How To Scare Someone Who Owes You Money

If you don t like the person who owes you money you need to watch this scene from a bronx tale and apply it to your own situation. That means he has to provide a list of everything he owns to you as well as bank account numbers.

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Create a formal agreement.

How to scare someone who owes you money. Inquire politely about the money. After you get the judgment you can call him back into court for a disclosure of assets. Remind them of the money they owe you when it is time to pay.

How to collect money from people who owe you. Just take them out to the movies a concert or lunch. Andrew zaeh for bustle.

Another smart way to indicate that you need your money back is by declining certain offers. Use one of these phrases. Once you have passed that date make a request for the money.

Whatever the case you must let them know that you mean business and you re willing to take things up a notch if things get out of hand. If your initial agreement didn t have a strict due date then. Say you gave someone 50 bucks and they are silent hoping you forget and they get away with it.

You can even tack on an interest rate to light a fire under them if they plan on paying you back over an extended period. If you ve seen no movement on. And the look on their faces as they pay is just fulfilling.

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Asking someone to pay you back is not fun but sometimes being direct and asking face to face is necessary. If the amount you re owed is piddling and serves the purpose of keeping the doofus out of your life for fear you ll ask for it just let the debt hang over his head indefinitely and consider it the price you pay not to have to deal with that person. They will have no option but to foot the bill.

Determine at what point you don t believe you will receive payment without asking. Make sure that you avoid doing activities with them that entail spending money. For instance if your friend asks to go to lunch you can simply say that you don t have enough money but make them understand that you would love to.

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