How To Remove Power Steering Pulley Without Puller

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Once the shaft starts sliding into the pulley use a socket shaft or second hammer between your main hammer and the pulley to minimize damage and a dissipate shock. It is like an Allen or hex key.

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The open end wont fit through the space between the bolts so you have to use the box end.

How to remove power steering pulley without puller. Go to your work table put a coating of antiseize on your new pumps shaft. Loosen it first while on the car so the belt keeps the pulley from rotating. Getting the pulley off is where im stuck.

If you choose to remove the pulley without the correct puller youll smash it for sure. My manual says i need a special puller that treads into the end of the shaft but my shaft isnt threaded i dont think. I got the thing out of my car but the pulley is stuck on it.

The pulley is not always pressed on until flush with the shaft. Before removing the pulley measure any recess of the shaft end from the pulley face since you need to match that on re-assembly so the belt aligns. 3 Attach the HB base to the pulley using suitable sized bolts about 4.

ABN Automotive Power Steering Pump Pulley Remover Installer Tool Kit Puller Removal Set for GM Ford Chrysler Truck 41 out of 5 stars 219 2299 22. Im not a car guy but decided to replace my power steering pump myself and am having some trouble. While replacing the power steering pulley make sure that the main drive pulley is removed and then reinstalled.

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May 13 2013 Most power steering pulleys are made of plastic. Oct 17 2019 Take your pulley put it in the oven on a cookie sheet with your wifes permission heat to 450 degrees for 30 minutes. And i cant get the pump off without taking the pulley off.

Sep 22 2011 Power steering pumppulley removal. This is the SHORT version on how to remove and install a power steering pump pulley. Drink a cold one.

Httpsamznto2K9qI5J – Pulley Puller and Installer kit 13pcs Power Stee. Apr 23 2020 – Have you ever wondered how you can remove a power steering pump pulley without having to use a puller. This video illustrates how to use a power steering pump puller and insta.

I went to the auto parts store to rent a pulley puller kit but they were fresh-out and didnt have any models for sale that fit my car. ABN Automotive Power Steering Pump Pulley Remover Installer Tool Kit Puller Removal Set for GM Ford Chrysler Truck 41 out of 5 stars 223 2299 22. Nov 19 2019 How to Remove Power Steering Pulley without Puller Step 1.

I tried a two jaw puller but had to stop. Yes plus spray a little penetrant around the shaft and let it sit for a while. The pump that uses a nut has a keyway and does not need a puller.

After the pulley is baked for 30 minutes with your thick welding gloves and a thick rag take the pulley to your workbench. LIGHTLY hammer that pulley onto the pump use as little force as possible youre trying to get the pulley squared and started. The pump with no nut is a press fit and does need a puller.

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Apr 09 2008 You may need to tap it from behind with a small hammer to help it slide off. Jan 08 2017 1 Thread the PS puller nut onto the pulley side of the HB puller 2 Put the box end of a 1316 wrench on the nut. The removal tool can take up to 12 inches in front of the pump.

We understand that you may not always have your puller with you especially when you need. Sep 22 2006 Use an impact wrench on the nut while holding the pulley in your hand then use a PS pulley puller to remove the pulley. Apr 23 2018 This is a pulley on a power steering pump from my Ford 350 super duty 73 diesel.

You always want to pull on the hub of the pulley. If you beat on it or use a 2 or 3 jaw puller. After removing the tool you can clean and.

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