How To Remove A Lawn Mower Wheel

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After each round of tapping see if the wheel can be removed. Or ask a friend to tap on the wheel rim with the hammer simultaneously and youre sure to remove your stuck lawn mower wheel in no time.

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Jan 27 2020 A slight jerk and a pull action shall remove the key from the axle shaft.

How to remove a lawn mower wheel. If your mower has a cotter pin instead of a nut use pliers to remove the cotter pin. Grab the wheel by both sides and then pull off. Remove the nut that secures the wheel to the axle shaft and slide the wheel off the shaft.

Jack up the lawnmower on a car jack to get the wheel off the ground if youre servicing a riding mower. Apr 01 2013 Use a slot screwdriver to pry off the hub cap. Pull the axle cover off a wheel with adjustable pliers.

Oct 08 2020 To remove the wheel you should just try to pull it off. This will act as a base in the side you work on. Now that you have successfully detached the wheel from the lawnmower you can analyze and look inside the wheel from its backside.

Nov 14 2019 How to Remove a Lawn Mower Wheel Method 1 of 3. Place a wooden block beneath the mower frame of the stuck wheel. You will be able to deduce why it is stuck.

If the nut has a washer remember its location. Once the jack is properly placed under the faulty wheel gently lift the jack upwards. Be sure to place your hands and feet in a safe place while pulling the wheel off.

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This video shows how a custom wheel puller can be used to remove a rusted on wheel from the rear of a riding mower. Grasp the square key behind the wheel on the axle with needle-nose pliers and pull it. Rocking the wheel from the sides should help to get it off.

Taking the Wheel off of a Push Mower. Grab a rubber mallet and start evenly tapping the tire around the circumference. The goal here is to loosen the wheel and remove it from the area thats trapping it.

Tight the hydraulic valve of the jack by turning it clockwise using the jack handle. This allows you to place both your hands around the wheel and comfortably remove it. Slide the washer and retaining ring off the axle.

You want to hit the tire on both sides. To minimize the chances of your wheel being stuck again simply apply an anti-seize compound on the shaft when you reinstall the wheel. Mar 24 2021 Grab the wheel and rock it from side to side until the wheel has detached.

Remove the battery or disconnect the spark plug to cut the power.

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