How To Raid More Money In Last Shelter

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How To Raid More Money In Last Shelter

Survival is a massive multi player real time strategy war game. Available on the iphone and the android systems.

Last Shelter Survival How To Play The 1 Strategy Game

If they have lots of food then you will get a lot of that likewise with other resources.

How to raid more money in last shelter. Use the stereo all the time. You can scout first to see what they have. Only attack with class apc.

When you win you will raid resources and money if you are using the raider class apc only with an amount related to the load capacity of your apc. Last shelter survival tips tricks and strategy on how to generate money. To survive you ll have to be a smart tough and courageous commander.

You will only get lots of money if they have little other resources. 2 complete the rapid production and city development research trees these take a long time but must be done first. Much later somewhere in tech there was if not removed with all the changes tech to increase money looted while sieging.

The player will take upon the role of a leader of a small settlement in a world devastated by a zombie apocalypse. This will also depend on what resources and money the target has. Focus level and skill upgrades on those heroes.

You can increase this basic income by recruiting and stationing certain heroes in the banks and unlocking their skills that add to the income. The higher the level rebel camp the higher the money won during battle. Each attack will earn you money.

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1 try and complete the last shelter survival quests daily tasks and achieve the 500 points. Survival is a dangerous place filled with hordes of twisted and powerful zombies. Max your class apc out and put your best heroes in it.

You may not get 500 every day but there are a lot of rewards the higher you go. You can attack the rebel camp with your troops. Train your soldiers build an alliance and develop your city to protect your empire.

Build a trap house and max it out. Money income is based on the number and levels of the banks but limited by the amount of population you have check the money tab for the efficiency which will be below 100 if you don t have enough population level up banks to earn more. You need to be a raider class and then use the class apc to do the attack.

The world of last shelter. Their goodies are harder to get. This apc will raid money as long as there is some available and not protected.

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