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Finally consider doing a smaller project. Once the resin is completely mixed together gently pour into the silicone molds.

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You can make river tables out of them beautiful high value glassed centerpieces.

How to make money with epoxy resin. The benefit to a harder resin is that it protects the surface beneath. Measure and cut the slab before even getting the epoxy once it s in the mold and ready to pour you ll be able to figure out the amount of epoxy needed very close to the exact amount. Make sure any resin you choose is clear.

Here s the resin i use and a bunch of projects to do with it. Epoxy resins harden to varying strengths. Pour a thin layer of epoxy to form a seal.

Create a decorative pattern on epoxy flooring. Lay down colored stone or vinyl chips in a pattern and cover them with a layer of epoxy resin. I have debated how i.

Carefully measure equal parts of epoxy resin and hardener in a disposable plastic container. The aim is to lower the number of bubbles when you pour. Fast cast for a thick glossy finish on projects use.

For clear projects that are more than 1 4 thick use. Feel free to share this video if you have experienced anything we need this to protect not just us but our spouses kids and animals. Would it be better to cover it with an acrylic marble effect first then clear resin or create the effect with resin to achieve the marble effect.

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The epoxy resin will also make the surface non slip. I am knew to resin pouring and and not sure how to go about covering a 500 x 500 x 60 concrete plinth with new tin of epoxy resin that i was given. First mix your resin with your hardener in a separate container and then pour it out over the countertop.

Mix together thoroughly follow the instructions on the packaging. Jpayne woodworking 2 258 views. Quick tips 2 save money making an epoxy resin casting mold with corn starch duration.

Scrap slabs of wood need not be dumped because you can still turn them into beautiful wood pieces with the aid of epoxy resins. High gloss finish for jewelry projects use. This could actually save you money on the epoxy big time instead of estimating ahead of time.

I wanted the plinth to be a black marble effect. Look for an epoxy resin that has uv protection built in. Easycast for quick projects that are opaque or white use.

Use a lighter to heat the surface of the resin to remove any air bubbles. The clear epoxy will allow the colored stone or chips to be seen through the protective and glossy coat. Here s the resin i use and love.

In addition to scratches and dings you ll want your items protected against the sun s harmful rays. This first thin layer of epoxy acts as a seal and is referred to as flooding.

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