How To Make Money Viking Conquest

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How To Make Money Viking Conquest

Just try to take notice of what things usually cost and snatch up the best deals. Wool honey meat pork chicken some others can be found for 10 20 of their price in villages and sold for profit in the nearest city.

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Before that you need few guys just in case someone will aproach you and you need to make some money to be able to pay for ship to friese.

How to make money viking conquest. This is especially so if you are playing the story campaign. The best way to make money is to sell wool and mead to dorestad. You should make at least 100 profits on these trades.

It doesn t touch your reputation only your relations with the faction. Actually a great way to make money is to raid trade caravans of enemy factions. Best way to make money though in that game is just to roam around england killing off viking parties and renegades.

Been awhile but iirc dyeworks are also always profitable but the most expensive. Enterprises also known as farmsteads in viking conquest are businesses you can open in towns but only 1 in each which give a couple hundred to a thousand peningas a week. You could make a significant amount of cash with selling the goods at nearby towns.

Walk a herd of around 80 cattle over to the bandit camp and start slaughtering and selling. You can buy wool and mead from the towns and easily get 2x to 3x profit. Buy wool in villages for 30 40 pennings and sell it in dorestad for 600 800.

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Whilst the initial cost may be expensive up to 17000 once you have an enterprise in several towns you will really start to notice the extra money when you re getting several thousand peningas a week for doing nothing. You just have to refresh the sell screen is all. You can buy some things in villages for very little money and sell the in towns.

Also remember to look around the villages for cheap goods. You want to pick a merchant class although this can work with just about any class. In one day it gets you a net worth with high looting skill over 30k if you run alone with companions killing them.

Ironworks sometimes beat them out depending on the city. Salt you probably will only get that much for in villages. Viking conquest how to make money ez.

Buying stuff in villages and selling in cities in general brings in a steady but small amount. Its very easy to get this money because if you take your time to find the bandit camps you can sell all these goods right there at the bandit camp and they never run out of money. Breweries i ve found will always generate a profit because wheat is so cheap and the enterprise itself is as well thus usually the best choice.

Spend every other penny buying jewelry wine and salt in that order. If ferried hang on to enough money to take a ferry to dunwic cheapest ferry. Travel to dunwic and sell for near or more than nominal 1000 780 and 305 in order.

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