How To Make Money In Maplestory 2

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How to make quick mesos in maplestory 2. You get a decent amount of money upon quest completion so make sure you do those.

Maplestory 2 Mesos Is On Sale At Maplestory 2 Anime Right In The Childhood

Easier to get to leprechauns in masteria give far more mesos per drop and have a much better drops including steelys and black umbrellas.

How to make money in maplestory 2. Video guide on making mesos for maplestory 2 october giveaway https gleam io zxiqa october 4950 crystal give. A fan community for maplestory 2. Below you will find some quick and easy method which you can utilize to earn some quick money and level easily.

We support kms2 cms2 and gms2. If you are not using any item and it is just sitting in your inventory then you sell them on the black market. The black market this will probably be one of yourmain sources of making quick and easy money.

Earning money black market it will become one of your main source of earning quick and easy money. You will face a lot of effective enemies on your journey in maplestory 2 and the greatest strategy to deal with them is by growing stronger. Save up for a superior gollux gear.

Can sell that around 2b. In addition to the black market discounts premium players can. To go there first travel to new leaf city by buying a subway ticket in kerning city and travel using the free taxi at the far left of the map.

It s your friend any tradable gear you dont need sell it. They give a ridiculous amount of money compared to their level. First 2 times kill everything except the head.

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Have some harder to obtain items. Doing andprogressing through the story and completing the story quest is a great way ofearning tons of. The higher the rarity of an item the more money it will fetch from the market.

Use the 2b to buy your end game gear. Maplestory 2 is a popular game that s increasing in audience and that means tons of new players are constantly looking to level up in the quickest ways possible. By being a power seller here at playerauctions you ll be helping a lot of beginners get lots of awesome loot and mesos.

Fast ways to earn money in maplestory 2 black market. This will give u most coins per day. That becoming said here s how to level up fast and make money in maplestory 2 of course if you tired of grinding quests and events for mesos you can buy all the maplestory mesos you need on our website.

Post it in the black market. Fight gollux 3 times a day. Then the last time kill everything then the head.

Train at sakura cellions in amoria.

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