How To Make Money In Deflationary Environment

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How To Make Money In Deflationary Environment

Most financial experts recommend consumers have a rainy day fund of three to six months of living expenses in cash tucked away for emergencies such as a sudden job loss. Even hard assets that provide an income stream work well in a deflationary environment ie oil and gas royalties reits etc.

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If you re truly concerned about deflation you can take comfort in knowing that the investments that will tend to perform best in a declining price environment are probably already in your.

How to make money in deflationary environment. Debt should be avoided. When prices are falling the value of money increases over time. Deflation hedges include investment grade bonds defensive stocks those of consumer goods companies dividend paying stocks and cash.

Examples our own. Every downward tick of the dow increases your money s purchasing power. If you are interested in metals gold historically offers investors a safe haven during deflationary times.

Any new hires are also given a wage indicative of the deflationary. Investing in deflationary environment 1. So it stands to.

If you have debt the real value of the obligation rises over time during deflation. Deflation could perpetuate a housing bust so spend the minimum amount you need to be comfortable and save the extra money for investments that are more liquid and less risky. A diversified portfolio that includes both types of.

Cash is the safest asset class. So employers rather than insult or experience resistance from their employees by lowering their pay tend to just cut workforce.

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