How To Make A Magic 8 Ball

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Now you are done. Dont count on it My reply is no My sources say no Outlook not so good Very.

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Have fun amazing your friends with your Magic 8 Ball.

How to make a magic 8 ball. Apr 09 2021 Instructions Use the wood burning tool to cut off the nub of the plastic ornament Cut the foam shaping it into a small cube Write your answers one each side of the cube with the fabric paint. Jul 30 2013 Each time you turn over the Magic 8 ball it randomly displays one of the answers. 12021 Lab 4 Magic 8-Ball step 1.

Apr 13 2020 In my book Exercises for Programmers one of the exercises is to use arrays and random numbers to create your own Magic 8 Ball game. If randomNumber 2 basicshowStringYES. So I thought it might be funny to actually make one customized for hot tub problems.

Jun 11 2015 Whats inside a Magic 8 Ball. Once the paint was dry I colored in the embossed 8 with a silver paint pen. If randomNumber is 2 display the string Yes basicshowStringASK A QUESTION basicshowNumber8 inputonGestureGestureShake.

The user holds the ball and thinks of a yes or no question. Seemingly being able to predict the future The Magic 8 Ball is made up of 20 responses 10 positive 5 negative and 5 neutral. May 20 2020 A magic 8 ball works like this.

I put the halves together and neatly wrapped the joint with black electrical tape. The concept is simple. In this script Im using 8 possible answers but please feel free to add more as you wish.

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The real Magic 8-Ball contains 20 possible responses not 15. As a spahot tub service tech I was convinced that one of my dingbat co-workers must be using Magic 8-Ball to arrive at his spa troubleshooting diagnosis. Apr 14 2013 The Magic 8 Ball is a toy used for fortune-telling or seeking advice.

Question raw_input Ask the magic 8 ball a question. Magic 8-ball written in Python. When the shaking stops the die settles to the bottom of the ball.

The 20 answers are. Apply the water resistant glue to the edge of half of. Create a Magic 8 Ball game that prompts for a question and then displays either Yes No Maybe or Ask again later.

We wanted to see where the magic comes from so we cut this one in half. They then shake the ball which agitates a printed die floating in dark blue liquid inside of the ball. Press enter to quit answers randomrandint 18.

You could also use white out if you dont have a paint pen. We will be asking the user to think of the question they wanna ask the Magic 8 Ball and then we will randomly choose an answer from a pre-defined list of answers. Oct 08 2020 In this tutorial we will be writing a Magic 8 Ball program in Python.

This can be an amusing way to speculate about lifes many questions but it. Create an if statement for the condition if randomNumber 2. Python Magic 8 Ball.

There are 20 answers inside the Magic 8 Ball and you can find them all here. Import the modules import sys import random ans True while ans. Become a part of the Crustacean.

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Type the program below and make sure it runs step 2. Ask the 8-ball a yes or no question and the 8-ball will reply with answers such as Yes No Without a doubt etc. Add the following five more responses to your program.

Let randomNumber randint0 3. Dec 20 2009 Magic 8-Ball Hack. Do this in stages since you want to make sure each.

You can buy this same ball from Amazon wh.

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