How To Make A Fitted Hat Smaller

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Cut off 12 inch of fleece. Fill a spray bottle with water.

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Sep 28 2017 Polyester hats cannot be shrunk though most fitted hats from manufacturers such as 5950 NewEra and FlexFit are Woolite.

How to make a fitted hat smaller. Sew the polar fleece to the inside of the hat using a thread that matches the hat color. Dip a sponge into water until its wet but not fully saturated. Shrink a Fitted Hat like a Fedora with Hat Sizing Tape or Sizers.

If there is no risk of color bleed from logos or the brim take a hot shower while wearing the hat. Next spray the hats body with anywhere from six to 10 spritzes. Using Steam or Water to Shrink Fitted Hats.

Lightly spray your entire hat. Sep 28 2017 Fold the band of polar fleece in half and sew a straight stitch across the end 1 inch from the end. Apr 17 2017 Dampen the inside of the crown of the hat with a garment steamer or the steam from a pot of boiling water.

It is not a. Pinch the fabric slightly to form small puckers in a few places to make the hat fit the polar fleece. Apr 15 2019 With some slight and simple alterations you can make that big hat fit your small er head.

Hat sizing tape or hat sizer inserts can make a fitted. Dec 11 2018 Fill a spray bottle with water and tighten the lid. Dry the crown with a hair dryer.

Use a high heat setting but dont completely dry it. Place the cap upside down on a clean surface. A simple method you can try if you want to reshape and stretch your hat for your head is with a spray bottle of water.

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Medium M One Size Fits Most. Rub the sponge gently along the inside rim of the hat. How to Shrink a Fitted Hat Ways to Shrink a Hat to Fit a Smaller Sized Head.

Many times you only need enough for each of the sides as this is where most people have a sizing problem. Step 2 To break the process down into parts and make the operation easier cut the sizing tape strip in half. Small S SmallMedium SM 21 58.

Start the process of fitting your hat by getting a hold of a sewing kit. Cut a strip of sizing tape at the approximate circumference of the inside of your hat. Make sure you have a needle and a spool of thread that closely matches the hat you want to.

Wear the hat under direct sunlight until the inside rim dries shrinking the hat. Use your hairdryer to dry the hat partially. Spray the inside band along the bottom of the hat.

Secure the elastic on the hat with small pins and try on the hat before you actually sew the elastic into the sweatband. Repeat as many times as is necessary to shrink the hat. Cut the elastic to the size that you need to fit from one side of the hat sweatband to the other.

This should not be done at the center of the hat do it closer to the back where it will only take up a little space.

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