How To Make A Black Mirror

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How To Make A Black Mirror

I simply went outside. Jan 25 2019 Matte black spray paint.

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Lightly spray with the matte black spray paint.

How to make a black mirror. Clean both sides of the mirror or photo glass very well and make sure there are no smudges. Aug 09 2010 Make a Black Mirror Step 1. Oct 08 2013 Make your mirror from black shiney onxy with one side mirrored finish.

Next you are going to want to get matte black spray paint. Additional paints acrylic for embellishment. Once the glass is clean flip it over so that the back side is facing up.

Youll want to find a well-lit ventilated area. You will know the one. But thats the basic process.

If you do not have access to a mirror a round or oval shaped glass from a photo frame works as well. Some paints are not. You can easily buy the mirror or you can build it yourself but how to do it.

Make sure that the frame is a dark colour as shiny frames tend. Youll want to consult your can of paint for the manufacturers instructions but in general youll want. Take the backing off the frame and lay the frame and glass face down on a sheet of newspaper.

Jan 14 2012 Youll also need matte black spray paint and newspapers and a messy work area. Have a mason cut stone to pyramid shapeangling up and back so it is ours own base stand. Collect branch twigs from the Dead tree deep in the Forrest.

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With adequate ventilation evenly spray the back of the frame and glass- or remove the glass and spray it on one side only. Nov 12 2017 Odin The Seer will teach you how to do a black mirror for under 55 in this step-by-step videoHave a look at the other products you can DIY witchBlack S. Simple Video on how to make Black Scrying Mirrors.

Hold the spray can at least 50 centimeters or 20 inchestwo feet away and spray. Read the label and make sure it is good for glass. Find yourself an old wooden or metal picture frame.

Sep 29 2017 Take the flat black spray paint and begin to coat 1 side of the glass with even light strokes. Apply 1 thin coat and allow to dry. Place the glass into the frame with the painted surface towards the back.

Mar 06 2020 To scry with a black mirror you need to place a candle on both sides of a mirror aim the mirror so little to nothing reflects in it then stare at the mirror with a soft focus until you have visions. To prepare the mirror first youll need to clean it. Apply following coats drying completely in between coats until no light shows through the glass.

Once you have colored one side of the glass its done. How to scry is covered in more detail below. Simple Video on how to make Black Scrying Mirrors.

The procedure is much simpler than you imagine just buy a frame you might put photos in with the glass spray the back it with a spray can of black acrylic enamel. Use several thin coats- not 1 thick one. Use any glass cleaner or for a more Earth-friendly method use vinegar mixed with water.

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How to build a scrying mirror. Remove the glass and clean it well with a good glass. Of course its a more complicated than that.

Buy a can of high gloss spray enamel paint. Oct 19 2016 Black Mirror sets an astonishingly high bar for itself announcing its intention to comment on the most fundamental and all-encompassing social shift of this century in its very title.

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