How To Know If Money Is Fake Or Real

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One of the first things to look for when checking to see whether or not a bill is authentic is to. How to detect counterfeit us money method 1 of 4.

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The treasury seal is green and found to the right of the portrait.

How to know if money is fake or real. A special marker can be used to check if paper money is real or counterfeit. It is in everyone s interest that these notes are taken out of circulation. All bills from 1969 on after have the.

The federal reserve seal varies between the 1 2 bills and the rest of the currency. Fake bills tend to have a relative flatness and lack of. You can see the difference in in depth on the.

Inspect the printing quality. Counterfeit money will often feel distinctly different. Feel the texture of the paper.

How to detect counterfeit money 1. How to tell if money is fake federal reserve seal. All authentic us reserve notes have raised printing.

Notes may feel or look very genuine but you may not be able to tell if money is fake with just a glance. Do not be embarrassed to check suspect notes in front of customers.

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