How To Identify Fake Money Philippines

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How To Identify Fake Money Philippines

Genuine currency notes are a bit rough in texture while counterfeit bills are very smooth. If you don t these pointers from the bangko sentral ng pilipinas bsp on how to spot fake currency will definitely come in handy.

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Second feel the money and make sure it is rough and the images are raised.

How to identify fake money philippines. If the color smudges and the bill starts tearing it could be a sign that the money you have is fake. Their banknotes to check for security features as illustrated below. Here are 4 quick tips to detect fake philippine money as you get it.

Third find the security threads that appear stitch like and metallic. Rub some water on the paper bill. Do you know what makes a philippine peso bill a fake.

Because real money is made of cotton and abaca it should be somewhat rough with ridges as opposed to the fake money made of smooth paper. To spot fake money the public can use the basic look tilt feel verification measure. Genuine bills also have embossed watermarks.

One easy way to detect fake philippine bill is to run your fingers through it. How to spot fake philippine money. Ways to detect fake philippine banknotes it seems that recognizing what authentic money looks and feels like is something only an expert can do but below are some simple ways to determine a.

In order to ascertain the genuineness of philippine banknotes the bsp advises the public to carefully feel look and tilt. One security feature that philippine paper bills bear is the watermark. Also try to scratch the bill.

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The images should also be raised. If the printing smears or shows any sign of damage it could be counterfeit. Check for the watermark.

Before receiving money first look for the watermark on the blank area of the money by tilting the paper bill a bit.

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