How To Get Rid Of Haram Money

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How To Get Rid Of Haram Money

If someone else gives him a haraam payment and he accepts it such as a prostitute singer wine seller one who bears false witness and the like then he repents and that payment is in his possession then according to one group of scholars he must return it to its owner because it belongs to him and he did not take it with the permission of the lawgiver and the one who gave it did not get any permissible benefit in exchange for it. How do i get rid of such haram money.

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And giving its price away in charity is not appropriate because charity has to be given from halal wealth.

How to get rid of haram money. However the unlawful money must be returned to its rightful owners or if not possible the equivalent amount must be given away in charity without intention or expectation of reward. Ibn al qayyim may allaah have mercy on him said. One must also repent for the sin of taking unlawful wealth and take the means to desist from such activities.

If its owner is not known one must give it to a poor person as sadaqah. This is not regarded as charity or zakaah on your part rather it is ridding yourself of haraam wealth. Giving and taking interest are both decisively impermissible in islam.

Undoubtedly one of the ways of doing good is helping the one who wants to get married so that he can remain chaste. It is sinful to give it anywhere else. You would not be doing this as sadaqah though you are just getting rid of that haram source of income as part of your tawbah.

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Now after reading the part on haram wealth in al kibaa ir of imam al dhahabi i want to get rid of items i bought from haram money. I gave away a portion of my haram savings in charities. Haram money is not yours in the first place and to keep it or use it is sinful.

In the name of allah most compassionate most merciful there are a few important points here. It is not permissible for anyone except the poor to receive it. Then normally you can either get an account which doesnt get interest paid into it or if u cant be bothered with.

What scholars say in regards to that is keep only what you strictly need if you need anything from it and give the rest to the poor needy. But i still had some haram savings left x and together with my halal income y i used all that money for my wedding and on other things. Because what you did was a kind of theft and deception.

Return that much money to the company you stole it from. Get rid of it. And allah knows best.

Similarly it is impermissible to consume unlawfully earned money. If one obtains something haram e g haram money one must return it to its owner. You can certainly not give it as zakat.

Money you ve already got in your possession you give in charity without intention of reward because allahta ala is. How to get rid of interest and haram money 1. However you do need to get rid of haram money so that you do not eat from it.

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Based on this there is nothing wrong with giving this money or some of it to your relative who is going to get married.

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