How To Get Money In Outward

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How To Get Money In Outward

Making money is the most important thing in outward. The first is targeted at players who are struggling at the start of the game in cierzo but it can be performed at any time.

Outward Quick Simple Tip To Make Money Youtube

Adventure the final way to make money and the way that is possibly the most rewarding is to go adventure.

How to get money in outward. Mana stones respawn and occassionally grant you 50 silver each. Another way to make money is through alchemy. Outward money farming exploration.

Get a ton of move speed bonus and you run so fast you might as well use hit and run tactics with flintlock pistols and fast hitting weapons. Fish along the coast and just watch out for those shrimpy bois. Go explore the dungeon loot the tomb and kill the things.

Use the mining pick to mine gravel bugs and then combine them with water and blood mushrooms found in caves. Outward guide try to survive. With each hyena you will get at least one skin worth 5 silver and often you will also get bones worth 8 silver.

8 fish and seaweed can be cooked together to make a mana dish that sells well. Depending on what you get when you fish. In this guide we show you to make money with alchemy easily.

Exploration in outward is the key to finding items for yourself as the world is filled with loot all. You will need an alchemy pot to do this. You will learn how to earn money how to survive what to do after death and what to do when you go to prison.

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Use the fish harpoon to fish near the beach where you ll find fishes. Our tips will help you in completing the first few quests. 2 fishing is one of the most important ways to get money since you can get rare fish and blue sand 3 mining is also very important when mining iron you can get some gems you can mine ammolite on the beaches and salt 4 with iron you can craft arrows never buy arrows just wood and iron scraps.

Alchemy is one of the most effective methods to make money in the game. When you go to the. We re going to go over two ways to earn money fast in outward.

A very good way to make money is to kill the hyenas if you want to find them just leave the city and move away from the walls. This can be difficult to do though as the area is infested with enemies. You need money to buy equipment food potions and most importantly your skills.

The outward guide is a practical beginner s handbook. You ll get lots of ingredients rare materials for strong weapons and armor and even find items you can use later. I recommend just buying your way out though it s easier.

7 fishing is one of the most important ways to get money since you can get rare fish and blue sand. Make money with alchemy easily.

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