How To Fix Broken Glasses Bridge

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How To Fix Broken Glasses Bridge

Condition- easy to find tools and materials. This is the remedy I came up with 2AM in the mor.

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I broke my glasses without having a spare and my eyesight is horrible so my glasses are no where near cheap.

How to fix broken glasses bridge. When using glue to repair plastic glasses it. If you nose pad arm broke off of the bridge or the lens frame it needs to be laser welded back on. So I found it best to tape the glasses lightly back together in a way where you can separate them at the broken crack and add adhesive.

Then push one pin into one piece and another pin on the other broken piece. Oct 13 2016 Pins. Heres how to fix them This method will only work for pure acetate frames.

Assuming the eyewire itself is still intact if it is only the bridge that is broken if acetone is applied to both broken ends they will melt enough to be bonded together. Make the plastic malleable by exposing it to hot steam. I use items found in my wifes cosmetic drawer to fix broken eyeglass frames.

Fixing the bridge of your glasses is much easier. Apr 12 2014 Repairing a broken bridge is doable with the right tools. For a stronger fix you can sand down the broken edges glue them together and drill two holes on either side of the crack.

Sep 15 2017 Here is a quick demonstration of the eyeglass repairs that Doug Riley can perform. Allow time for each paper strip to dry before applying the next one. After it dries then begins the support.

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For this project you will need. The repair will be strong and long-lasting as well as saving you money and tim. Hold them together for several minutes allowing them to set then lay them somewhere to harden.

Believe it or not even some plastic frames can be repaired if done carefully. Glue the bridge of your eyeglasses together with Superglue Gorilla Glue or other semi-permanent glue that works on plastic. Let it dry and you are all set.

First place a small bit of glue along the broken area in a thin line then press it into the matching side. Hold the glasses together with one hand over a piece of aluminum foil while squeezing glue on the broken bridge. Again its important to clean your frame of any residue prior to starting and make sure your hands are clean the idea is to have a temporal fix that has minimal manipulation.

If you need your eyeglasses repaired you may call Doug at 919-687-7606 an. We wont do any work without your prior approval. My eyeglasses leg was broken in a middle of the night so I thought I should find anything in my house to fix it.

Hold the bridge together with both hands for about one minute until the glue dries. Plastic Glues vs Metal. – Small pliers – sandpaper – a saw small tube cutter or abrasive cutoff tool to cut the tubing – Soldering iron – rosin core solder – Acid Brush and Alcohol to clean the rosin after the repair – A dab of clear finger nail polish – 025 – 05 inches copper tubing with an inside diameter slightly larger than the outside diameter of your bridge.

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Wrap as much thread as you can fit through the holes to add support to the cracked centre of the bridge. You can use pins to stick the two sides of the broken frame together. If we receive your eyeglasses and see that the job is more complex well call you with a revised price.

Then put both pieces together pushing each pin into the opposite side just like when youre completing a puzzle. Standard nose pad arm welds are 3995 if you still have the nosepad arm. Mar 17 2021 Individually glue thin strips of the paper around the bridge to mend your glasses.

Try to use a color of paper that matches your frame.

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