How To Double Your Money As A Teenager

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By spending less than you earn investing in an index fund that tracks the s p 500 and reinvesting your gains you can double your money roughly every seven years assuming the stock market performs as it did during the 1990 through 2017 time period. Fv pv x 1 rate years.

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How to double your money as a teenager. The rule of 72 provides an estimate of when your money will double. You re going to say self how much time and how much money can i invest to double my money in a week then take notes when you answer yourself and that will be your guideline. Now if we re talking about the doubling time as we are with the rule of 72 then fv pv 2 since that s what it means to double.

Open a food shop opposite or near a highly populated it or bpo company. You can earn like any thing. For example if you divide 72 by an eight percent rate of return you see it would take nine years for your money to double.

You have to divide 72 by your projected yearly. Mow your 10 of your neighbors lawn s for 50 a month 16 per day average. You must use only the stake money during the current doubling attempt you cannot supplement it with your own money borrowed money etc.

Provide tech services for your friends family and neighbors 200 per month for 1. Speculative ways to double your money may include option investing buying on margin or using penny stocks. The best way to double your money is to take advantage of retirement and tax advantaged.

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First you will have to come to an understanding with yourself. You don t have.

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