How To Do Ratio With Money

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How To Do Ratio With Money

Step 1 is to work out the total number of parts in the ratio. Or click here for a limited 50 discount.

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Share the 24 between the 8 parts by dividing 24 by 8 and put the amount into each part of the diagram.

How to do ratio with money. So 11 x 3 33 and 4 7 x 3 is 12 21 4 3 12 7 3 21. 1 3 4 so the ratio 1 3 contains 4 parts in total. 24 div 8 3 the diagram shows that.

Basically you add the ratio both sides of the colon up 2 3 5 then you divide the money into the answer 40 divide 5 8 then you times both the ratio 2 3 so 2 and 3 by the answer to. We want to work out 20 shared in the ratio of 1 3. The ratio s total starts at 11 4 7 the total of the ratio 4 7 and in order for the grand total to be 33 you need to multiply 11 by 3 and therefor the ratio that was added to make it.

Dividing amounts into a ratio is not only easy it can be done quickly with only a few steps. You will be a master at this in only a few minutes through lea. This ratio calculator part of our suite of ratio calculators allows you to calculate the amount of shares or money that an individual will receive when distributing funds shares or cash between two or more people.

James gets 3 times pounds3 pounds9. To calculate the ratio of an amount we divide the amount by the total number of parts in the ratio and then multiply this answer by the original ratio. Simply enter the number of people the total sum of money number of shares and then allocate shares to each individual as a ratio or percentage to calculate the exact amount each person will receive as a ratio of the full amount with percentage share rate and cash received.

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