How To Convert Sweatcoin Into Money

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Buy not too early. Select add money to your balance.

Sweatcoins Products Services Convert Repeat Youll Steps Spend Walk Your Into Pays Earn See A Dollar Shave Dollar Shave Club Free Money

We re trying to do something that has never been done before converting steps into currency.

How to convert sweatcoin into money. Currently there is no way to link your sweatcoins to your paypal account. The only way to convert the virtual currency into cash is by using one of their offers. It sounds very lucrative when you hear the figure 1 000.

Earning this many coins is not difficult if you buy coins from other players. We created sweatcoin with the desire to help people move more and stay motivated along the way. If you want to make money in sweatcoin save your coins.

There are massive offer releases very often. Choose one of the banks linked. This is located under the offer s image at the top of your screen and lists the sweatcoin price this will redeem your sweatcoins and send you cash after you follow the steps listed in how to claim.

Adding money into your paypal from bank is easy. We know having low conversion days can be frustrating. Currently our rate of exchange is quite volatile which varies from one offer to another we ve had offers where the value has been 1 1 to 1 sweatcoin and in some cases as high as 1 1 to 80 sweatcoins.

At this point in time we consider ourselves an emerging currency as we don t fulfill all of the above criteria. Proceed with the rest steps. Put the amount you want to add into your paypal.

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Please bear with us. As i write this there is a 1000 1000 paypal gift card on the marketplace for 20 000 coins. There is one option where you can change 20 000 sweatcoins into 1 000usd.

If you have sweatcoin you ll need a high balance to be able to use paypal but if you refer at least 100 people you can turn that into a 100 paypal gift card. Although an extra step is needed to transfer from sweatcoin to your palpal via transferwise there s still a way.

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