How To Check Money If It S Real

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How To Check Money If It S Real

Look for bleeding ink. You can also hold the bill up to a light to see if it s real.

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To avoid being a fraud victim follow these steps on how to verify a cashier s check.

How to check money if it s real. Seals on a counterfeit bill often have uneven blunt or broken saw tooth points. Jot down some notes on who gave you the bill. Here are several steps to follow to make sure you are processing the bill and alerting the correct authorities.

To determine if a 100 dollar bill is real rub it between your fingers to see if you can feel any raised ink. Quick steps to verify. The 100 bill has a colored number stretching vertically from corner to corner on the back.

The 5 bill has a purple 5 in the bottom right corner on the back. The police will be sure to want as much information as possible and the more prepared you are the. Additionally the ink should sit on top.

Don t accept it if it s for more than the purchase price. The outside border of real money should be clear and unbroken according to secret service officials. If you can t the bill is probably fake.

Each denomination has a large colored number on the back of the bill. Handle the bill as little as. On federal reserve and treasury seals the saw tooth points of the borders should be sharp and well defined on genuine bills.

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These numbers are in the corners for all bills 5 or higher except the 100. How to verify a cashier s check. The special cotton linen paper should have tiny red and blue fibers embedded in it.

You can take precautions to ensure that a cashier s check is legitimate. Make sure the portrait of ben franklin looks realistic sharp and highly detailed. How to tell if your money is real.

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