How Much Of Your Money Goes To Charity

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How Much Of Your Money Goes To Charity

How charities spend your money. Therefore 100 of the money you donate is going directly to the cause.

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Fortunately not only are there charity watchdog groups but charities are also required to file certain documents for public viewing.

How much of your money goes to charity. Watchdog group charity navigator suggests that legitimate charities spend at least two thirds of their revenue on their charitable activities and it estimates that 9 out of every 10 charities spend at least 65 percent on fulfilling their missions. Overhead is a simple financial ratio that tells us nothing about a nonprofit s true impact or effectiveness. This means there are people who donate money specifically to cover the cost of the administration.

About seven in 10 charities give 75 or more to the cause and nine in 10. I think that s pretty cool. However charity navigator notes nearly 85 percent of funds go to overhead.

Whether your passion is art or tapirs in the rainforest there is a charity that would like to put to use your hard earned dollars. Giving 99 of the money you receive to the cause is exceptional even in a world where most funds do go towards the cause. They employ a lot of people to chase more than 8 3 billion dollars in donations as reported by statistics canada.

Some charities have the funds for their administration donated which would cover practically everything mentioned above. Choosing a charity can be a hit or miss though if you don t do your research. But the fact is that overhead the percent of charity expenses that go to administrative costs versus program costs is a poor measure of a charity s performance.

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Charitywatch says it is reasonable for charities to spend up to 40 percent on administrative costs. It names charities we ve all heard of the american red cross goodwill unicef and more to claim the money we donate does not actually go to causes the charities are designed to support. Eye opening truths to read before you donate pittsburgh region s philanthropic sector at top of nation s pack check your list of tax deductible gifts twice data sharing generates revenue for some charities.

When you make a donation with your hard earned money you want it to go to the cause.

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