How Much Money Has Been Spent Trying To Repeal Obamacare

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How Much Money Has Been Spent Trying To Repeal Obamacare

If you use a 2012 estimate by cbs news that would put the cost of 60 repeal votes at more than 87 million. There have been somethin.

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According to the last estimate by the congressional budget office repealing obamcare would add 210 billion to the deficit.

How much money has been spent trying to repeal obamacare. I used to know this a little. But the spending plan also includes language that allows lawmakers to raise what are known as budget points of order against any legislation that would add more than 5 billion to the deficit and block it. Actually i knew a gross underestimation.

But of the 70 documented attempts to repeal obamacare one statistic is indisputable. Zero have been successful. So with two weeks spent repealing the law.

The 67th attempt to reduce obamacare occurred on feb. When president obama signed the aca on march 23 2010 he said it would cost 940 billion over its first 10 years fy 2010 to fy 2019. This 2013 estimate would put the cost even higher.

The money was spent. You can t be exact about these things but the congressional research service tells us that the house of representatives costs us 24 million a week. 3 2015 when 239.

Republicans who ve promised since 2010 to repeal and replace obamacare now are frantically trying to change the topic as voters support for the law has grown. Congress repealed major elements of obamacare and almost no one noticed the elimination of three health care taxes will increase the deficit by 373 billion. So according to cbs the grand total with 50 attempts to repeal is now at 75 million of your dollars completely wasted over nothing.

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Why anybody believes the gop is a party of principles after their failure to repeal obamacare when they raised so much money campaigning on that very issue for years is beyond me. I m gonna wing this off the cuff and give you something to ponder. Obama said it cost 940 billion.

How much money have the republicans spent trying to repeal the aca over the years. We still have obamacare. Don t look at me.

The cbo made that estimate in its analysis completed march 18 2010. Republican led congressional votes this year to repeal the affordable care act in full or in part brought the number of obamacare repeal votes to at least 60 depending on whom you ask.

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