How Much Money Does It Cost To Buy A Monkey

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How Much Money Does It Cost To Buy A Monkey

The finger monkey is the smallest monkey in the world. At primate store you can buy pet monkeys like baby capuchins macaques squirrel monkeys marmosets finger monkeys tamarmins and other species directly from breeders and brokers that have an usda license.

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A male blackcap capuchin for example can cost 4 000 to 6 200 while a male tufted capuchin can cost 4 900 to 6 500.

How much money does it cost to buy a monkey. Don t purchase a monkey until you re familiar with the local laws. A finger monkey can cost from 1 500 up to 4 000. This price range is the same for most of the other types of small south american primates commonly kept as pets like the slightly bigger geoffrey s marmoset golden lion tamarin or squirrel monkey.

They are expensive to buy usually between 7 000 and 8 000 and keep. There are factors that affect the price like the age temperament and the species. The going rate for a baby pet monkey is between 1 500 and 5 000.

Younger more rare and friendlier monkeys tend to cost more. The primates sanctuary estimates the cost of owning a monkey over the course of its lifetime to about 50 000 to 60 000 because they need a varied diet and lots of enclosed space to play both indoors and out. Monkeys cost between 4 000 and 8 000 each depending on the monkey s age rarity and temperament.

Chosen for their intelligence and companionship it is for these characteristics that a primate is a both challenging and rewarding pet. If you are looking for monkeys for sale we can help. Most of them have around 14 to 16 centimeters 5 5 to 6 3 inches and the tail reaches its body size meaning approximately another 15 to 20 centimeters 5 9 to 7 9 inches.

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If you are looking for a rare type of monkey then you can expect a much more expensive price. Friendlier and younger monkeys tend to cost more. When it comes to the cost the pet price monkey it varies from 4000 to 8000 which can be quite expensive.

How much does it cost to own a monkey. Average cost of monkey if you are seriously considering it the average pet monkey cost ranges from 4 000 to 8 000 depending on several factors like the species age gender color source temperament among others. A black and white white faced monkey can cost 7 600 to 9 200.

A white headed capuchin monkey can cost 8 500 to 11 500.

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