How Much Money Did Germany Give To Greece

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Money morning mirror. June 30th 2015 source.

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279 billion euros or 303 billion.

How much money did germany give to greece. On 8 february 2015 the then greek prime minister alexis tsipras demanded that germany pay the complete reparations to greece. Part of greece s bailout. The aid money was made available to greece s government from other euro zone.

Greece owes a lot of money to a lot of people. Who loaned greece the money. 360 billion greece total debt 2012 360 000 000 000 this is greece s entire government debt in 2012.

Greece s deputy finance minister has calculated this amount to be equal to 10 3 billion in today s values. Nazi germany s 3 5 year occupation of greece was bloody and destructive. Check out who loaned the money.

Greece is now careering down a path of a disorderly exit from the eurozone which could result in the country scrapping the euro and using an alternative currency as early as july. Wholesale plunder of food and resources forced loans from the greek central bank to nazi germany totalling 476 million reichsmarks at 0 interest. On november 18 1940 adolf hitler meets with italian foreign minister galeazzo ciano over mussolini s disastrous invasion of greece.

For germany the issue of reparations has been settled with this agreement. Whether greece gets a debt. A 3 5 billion euro 3 9 billion payment to the european central bank on july 20 looms large.

Since 2010 greece has undergone three bailouts worth a staggering total of nearly 310 billion 360 billion. But interest revenues from the german government owned development bank kfw loans generated an additional 400 million euros bringing the gains from the greek debt crisis to 2 9 billion euros. In the following years greece was compensated by the inter allied reparations agency with goods amounting to according to varying claims 25 80m.

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But it s worth having a closer look at what kind of debt we are actually talking about. Without a deal greece is likely to be firmly on a path to eurozone exit. Greece has offered a precise figure for what it claims germany owes it from world war ii.

On 6 april 2015 greece now evaluated the war reparations to be the equivalent of 279 billion euros. That sum would also offset all of the debt greece owes to european. The paris reparations conference in.

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