Gta 5 Ceo How To Give Money To Associates

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Gta 5 Ceo How To Give Money To Associates

They pay about 20 25g each to every person and then i give my entire share to the associates. A wharehouse more than pays for itself if you fill it up 100 and the special items pay a lot and increase your payout if they are in your wharehosue the special item i have is the film reel.

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Share money through interaction menu.

Gta 5 ceo how to give money to associates. You can go into your interaction menu and select inventory. For each successful crate mission they get a bonus of 500 added to their salary. Sell car collections the bonus of that also goes to associates.

The wage can be reset. Online for about 2 weeks now and my brother plays on his computer as well. And you make your money with cars so in between the cooldown you and your associates will help get you a car then they get there money driving you around for the work.

So i ve been a ceo in gta. The ceo doesn t set the wage bonus. 2 points 2 years ago.

Lost money and they ceo ain t doing much better considering how much it costs to buy an office warehouse and all the other crap. The wage bonus goes up 500 each time a successful mission is completed. If the ceo does 2 missions sells crates steals cars then invites people the wage bonus will be at 10.

This pay goes to all. So let s say you spend 6 hours with your associates filling up your warehouse at 3 crates per mission you get as a ceo 2 2m minus investments that s 1 534 000. Point to point race.

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The pay for the associates start at 5000 every fifteen minutes. So if it s just a ceo and a associate the associate makes like 50g each time. Assocites are paid a wage every 15 minutes and whenever the ceo completes a sell mission.

M inventory cash you can only share from last job vip work counts. Once you did that there will be another option that says cash. If the ceo then dies the associates lose 250 so the wage bonus will only be 8.

Vip challenge play vip jobs. Keep in mind this only works after you complete vip ceo work or missions. The wage starts at 5 000 and can be increased to 10 000 by completing buy missions.

Instead of waiting for the 5 minutes to end you could start a vip mission hostile takeover and sightseer are the fastest and give 22k each. You can give your associates some extra cash by. Each time you get killed their salary is decreased by 250.

It starts at 0 which has associates paid 5 000. Browse other questions. If you click on that you can split the money between your associates.

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