Eu4 How To Make Money

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Eu4 How To Make Money

Beyond that constant war. I as a newcomer expected that the more colonies i had the more money i would receive.

Mo Money Mo Problems In Eu4 S Dharma Expansion Strategy Gamer

In order to collect the money you need to send a merchant to collect trade from that node unless your main trade city is in a province in that trade node.

Eu4 how to make money. Just keep overextension low and religious unity up. Keep in mind that collecting money with a merchant reduces your trade power by 50 whereas your main trade city gives you an extra 5 trade power. And yet i barely make about 10 gold a.

I m having a big problem though i am going bankrupt now due to my colonies. Then move on to the next war. Before eu4 i had never played anu eu game so i didn t know about colony mechanics.

Hey everyone having a blast with the game atm. Or go to war often enough to where your gains will eventually get ya ahead of the money game. Finally you can pick a few of your states that have good resources and develop the shit out of them.

Sadly that doesn t work for me. Keep in mind that collecting money with a merchant reduces your trade power by 50 whereas your main trade city gives you an extra 5 trade power. So im starting as france in the year 1455 and basically i only have a trade balance of 2 73 ducats a month not sure how can i make money money in this game especially when the tutorial crashes every now and then and how can i increase my prestige.

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I m always leaving navy maintenance at minimum mothballing forts not going into debt not going over force limits forming good quality states etc. It is right now negative. Making money in eu4.

Make sure you have pillaged every bit of land in a war before going for peace. Check advisors as well to make sure they are all lvl one. How to make money in europa universalis 4 from trade.

I ve recently come back to this game after a long hiatus and i m having trouble making positive income in this game. Portugal is in a much better position than most so i m sure you ll find a way. You make money by pillaging and razing lands.

Eu4 sure is complicated for a new player transitioning over from ck2 lol p. Oh keep an eye on war weariness as well. If you re earning more from a trade node consider moving your main trade city there if possible for 200 diplomatic power.

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