Cities Skylines How To Make Money From Public Transport

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Cities Skylines How To Make Money From Public Transport

Just like in the real world most types of public transportation are big money losers. You spend money to make traffic on the streets better.

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However eventually you should be making so much money that you could aim to provide free public transport paid for by the city through enacting the city policy.

Cities skylines how to make money from public transport. Those perfect circles take a while to make. If you cannot afford to implement and maintain a metro system then perhaps you re trying to early. Public transportation exists because of subsidies by the cities and big cities exist because public transport.

I know public transportation is not about profit but to get your city moving. So yes it is expensive but the purpose isn t to make money. I m starting up now and trying it myself.

Created aug 14 2014. But i saw in some videos that people are making positive profit from it and i never got it. Build bus stations in key parts of your city like near the central train station airport and so on.

Build a metro station nearby it should be connected to some line that incorporates stations in residential and commercial districts near the port airport university park or any monument. Most of the transport types will lose money only metro has a chance of staying even or making some money. I d like to ask for some help.

Once the city reaches a few tens of thousands assuming it s relatively well managed you ll probably be sitting on a few million in the bank and have enough to build pretty much whatever you need. Also gonna specialize in tourism to get even more money from public transport. The purpose of public transport isn t to make money it s to relieve your traffic congestion.

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Up until one of the latest patches i was at least able to make a profit from my buses but now my city went from having a profit to a 2k deficit. 700k population now and the public transport is improved everyone uses public transport or walks so the traffic is good the cargo terminal is busy. I did that on the ps4 version with a controller once.

But in the early games it can be difficult to balance the books. Skylines money isn t too hard to make. It has become obvious that i ll never be able to grow the city to its full size without an unlimited money mod or something due to the huge deficits created by the public transportation systems.

So it does work to have islands nice. For example the berlin transport company got 268 000 000 from subsidies tax payer in 2013 and still made a loss of 18 000 000 euro. Cities skylines is one of my favorite games but i am still a noob on it.

Public transportation is not a way to make money. Emphasis on once lol.

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